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Marygold327 1 day ago

Chile Relleno

Love this restaurant. Great food. Great service. My favorite is their chile relleno. It is the best.

Dorene 3 days ago

Arroyo Enchiladas

These were great! We got them delivered and eating them gave us pleasure and a sense of both normalcy in crazy times. Thank you.

Droidjordan 10 days ago

Tostada Ranchera

Love Love LOVE this tostada! Everything you crave about a taco or burrito in a delicious, healthy salad. My go-to item for sure!

Lavolu 24 days ago

Burrito Mojado

It's all in the sauce WOW this burrito is filled with amazing flavors from start to finish, it's big enough to share yet so delicious that you'll want another one! The sauce that is added to make it "Mojado" is delicious!!!! It's like taking a trip back in time and visiting my childhood home and those amazing flavors cooked up by my family. Great place, great staff and delicious food! My family and I love this place and you will too!

Oxygenhose 29 days ago

Chile Relleno

Los Arroyos Montecito has been our favorite Central Coast Mexican restaurant for years now. My wife loves the Chile Relleno and I've had several different burritos and on a few occasions the enchiladas. There are still so many items left on the menu to try, but it's hard because we literally talk for days before traveling thru the area, dreaming of our favorites. We have always had excellent food, drinks and service, and have recommended to all our friends when traveling thru the area. In fact, we recently had our wedding reception there, the staff and managers Marciano and Jorge were incredible and helped make our day very special for all our guests.

Jeanie about 1 month ago

Mama's Salad

Love! Love Love this salad with either chicken or shrimp. Amazing tastes and the grilled veggies add a wonderful savory texture. I always get this salad for my busy executives almost every week. Balsamic dressing.

Bsfacundus about 2 months ago

Crab Enchiladas

Delicious! It is our "go to" date night location and we are never disappointed.

Cxleticia19 about 2 months ago

Arroyo Molcajete

The way the mole tasted when I took my first bite.. was astounding. I got memories that rushed to my brain of my abuelitas dish back home. The mole I know is sweet yet not to sweet. This was a perfect touch and I can't remember the last time I tasted something so authentic other than when I went to go visit my familia in Mexico. I 100 percent recommend this dish if someone wants to go back in time to their childhood through this magical journey with food "Los Arroyos" is the only place to go.

Alexkoper3 about 2 months ago

Rajas con Queso

THESE WITH CHORIZO ARE THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER! I'm doing the keto/low carb diet and this is the perfect dish. Especially when you add sour cream and salsa. I often order this plus 1 extra to go with it. Nothing better in the world!

Evth about 2 months ago

Chile Relleno

¡CHILE RELLENOS FOREVER! I love them as they are the best in town. Quality is top notch. I always get 2 a la carte. My daughter enjoys the bean and cheese burrito. Fresh. Veggie tacos are a favorite too.

Jamimatheson4 2 months ago

Maria's Enchiladas

I got these with chicken and it's now my top 3 dishes to get when I eat here. I love salsa verde and the flavors of this dish were amazing!!

Hopeiskey 3 months ago

Chile Relleno

This is the BEST Chile Relleno! The flavors are so delicious and the Chile's are mostly mild (Mother Nature throws in some heat every once in a while). The cheese is perfect and not liquidy(new word) like some other restaurants. Get it solo or in the combo plate. I like it with the chicken taco! Mmm!

Michael 3 months ago


The chicken tortilla soup (served Sundays and Tuesdays) is the best there is. The portion size, blend of spices, generous pieces of chicken and just the right amount of creaminess make this my 'go to" menu item.

Leshelleclark 3 months ago

Tostada Ranchera

My FAVORITE tostada! It's layered perfectly with beans, rice, and I get grilled veggies. This is the only tostada salad in Santa Barbara worth ordering! Often I get this to go and they package it in a perfect container. Top with your favorite salsa and salad dressing and it's a 10!

Breannaakelly 3 months ago

Diego's Nachos

If you haven't been here before, just know you will enjoy anything on the menu! This place has always been my go to Mexican restaurant in town because the quality is ALWAYS there unlike many others that can be hit or miss! Diego's chicken nachos are the best, all burritos are amazing (especially the deep fried one) & tacos are the best in town!! On top of that, this restaurant is owned by one of the most amazing, friendly & giving family in town! Thank you tony for all that you do!!

Adamjpike 3 months ago

Homemade Sopes

It's what chefs' are chasing when trying to "deconstruct" a dish, but it is the dish. Fantastic.

Lilypoptropica 3 months ago

Diego's Nachos

The best nachos!! The delicious chips combined with the high-quality ingredients used as toppings makes for a great flavor. The nachos are always served warm and look appealing as an added bonus. My favorite!

Peter 3 months ago

Crispy Taco

My family travels all the way from Westlake Village to enjoy the wonderful food at Los Arroyos. The crispy beef taco and Chile Relleno combo plate is my favorite. The service is always great, the food even better!

Alicia 3 months ago


Absolutely the Best Pozole in the World!!!

Yikswife 3 months ago

Ceviche Tostada

This was my favorite dish at the Camarillo location. It's still my favorite dish, just a much longer drive to get it!

Lucyhowell44 1 day ago

Tacos Gobernador

These are the best tacos! They come with shrimp, sliced poblano peppers and cheese, and are amazing. They are my family's favorite and usually it ends up that 3/4 of us order it. We should mix it up more, but they are just so good! We have been going to this location for years and love the menu and the friendly service. So happy that we are still able to order while on shelter in place!

Erikap221 10 days ago

Tacos Gobernador

These are the best!!! Seriously. Sometimes I go to Los Arroyos just because I am craving these tacos. Yummy shrimp, good salsa—you can't go wrong.

Droidjordan 10 days ago

Mama's Salad

This is the BEST salad, super healthy with maximum delicious flavor. You can't go wrong!

Purplecooper13 24 days ago


Best chimichanga ever

Sshapiro47100 about 1 month ago

Arroyo Burrito

Really great burritos. We've had several of them and they're consistently top quality

Jfmcmanus3 about 1 month ago

Mama's Salad

When we add shrimp to this dish, we have all the taste in the world plus a bit of protein for few calories, so it's a great alternative to the other dishes. We like the balsamic dressing.

Cxleticia19 about 2 months ago

Arroyo Enchiladas

Not only did these enchiladas throw me back in time to my abuelitas enchiladas dish but the way the flavors melted in my mouth with that first bite was unforgettable. I don't remember tasting something so authentic since my last trip to Mexico! If you want to take a journey back into your abuelitas kitchen? Los arroyos is the only place to go!

Monica about 2 months ago

Ceviche Tostada

My Favorite of all time is the Ceviche Tostada! Being first-generation Mexican and always knowing that my mother was the best Mexican cook of all time, I always go back to Los Arroyos. Nothing compares to my mother's food then Los Arroyos. Honestly, I have never had a bad dish here, but the Ceviche tostada is my go-to. I love drizzling it with the really hot roasted salsa (ok my mouth is watering) it's really the best! Never fishy always fresh and the kick of yummy lime is to die for. I will always go back to Los Arroyos it tops all the other Mexican restaurants in SB. I think it's because it's authentic and reminds me so much of my mother's cooking.

Hhwork about 2 months ago

Fajitas - Temp. Unavailable

I love this restaurant!!! I come here often and love all their food but the steak FAJITAS are my favorite! Nice, hot, sizzling and juicy! Five stars!✨✨✨✨✨

Arroyos99 about 2 months ago

Maria's Enchiladas

great name for a dish!!!!

Karinkojima09 2 months ago

BBQ Chicken Salad

This is my lunch time favorite! A beautifully delicious choice for when I'm feeling healthy-ish! The chicken is grilled perfectly with a toasty taste and spices, it comes in a bowl of crunchy deliciousness that encloses the salad and all it's beauty. The avocados, bbq chicken, and dressing all blend so perfectly. The extra crunch of the tostada shell makes it a perfect dish for your lunch time hustle. I've also tried their protein burrito, and it's one of my favorite burritos in town. Everything from this place has been an awesome hit, and I haven't had anything I didn't like from the menu.

Breannaakelly 3 months ago

Beans & Cheese Burrito

Everything you get from here is always so fresh, so authentic and so real! The cooks at every location are amazing and you can really tell they make their food with love!! I've tried many things on this menu but believe it or not, los arroyos literally has the best bean and cheese burrito I have ever tried in my life! I know it seems simple to make but believe me when I say I've gone to most of the Mexican restaurants in sb and it is sad how many of them choose to use canned beans or beans that are dried up from sitting all day for their burritos.

Drbswartzman 3 months ago

Tacos Gobernador

Per waitress' suggestion, this dish was delicious! A wonderful combo of succulent shrimp and pasilla.

Garethckelly 3 months ago

Arroyo Enchiladas

What a fantastic dish! I typically go for a burrito or tacos (all of which are also delicious) but wanted to switch it up this time. The Arroyo Enchiladas were great. Fresh fish and shrimp combined with delicious fresh veggies all topped with a tangy sauce. I love Spanish rice and how they are presented along with the beans in a small tostada type thing just shows how much these people care about their food. I can't wait to come back and try more items on their menu!

Esuthe 3 months ago

Tacos al Pastor

The tacos al pastor are delicious! One of my favorite tacos across the board. A bit expensive at $15 for two tacos, but I still order them almost every time.

Srr 3 months ago

Taquitos Locos

The beef taquito's are incredible, perfectly crispy! The rice and beans compliment them so well because they are simple and authentic without any new age fluff added. Exactly the way it should be.

Travelgirljtfp 3 months ago

Chile Relleno

The best Chile Relleno!! The combo plate is a must with the tasty rice and refried beans. I also get a yummy crispy chicken taco to take home to enjoy later. I love their chips and salsa especially the one with the shredded cabbage. The best Mexican food in Santa Barbara hands down!

Maggie 3 months ago

Crispy Taco

What I love most about Los Arroyos is the freshness of the food. I never EVER worry that there's going to be a weird piece of meat or brown lettuce anywhere, which is so often the case at Mexican restaurants. Service is impeccable and restaurants are always clean and not hectic, even when it's busy. I really appreciate their consistency -- I've been a customer since they only had one location in the teeny place that's now Norton's (next to their Figueroa Street location). It's definitely a favorite and hands down the highest quality food compared to other obvious comparable Mexican places.

Mtorres38 3 months ago

Arroyo Molcajete

Favorite dish!! Always my to go dish with different types of meats and always super tasty! I love visiting the one in goleta the staff is always super friendly and they make you feel like part of the family !

Trenagibson123 3 months ago

Burrito Mojado

We ordered the burrito Mojado, and pozole and both were delicious!. The burrito Mojado was not only delicious, but it was a huge serving size. My husband eats ( A LOT) and he had a hard time finishing the whole thing. Definitely was worth it, and we will be back to try more! Thank you guys - your food never disappoints. ( Not to mention the pozole was by far the best in town. Keep up the good work and the great food! )


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