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Chile Relleno


Side (Select 1):Rice & Beans Caesar Salad
Select 2nd Item (Optional) for Montecito:Chicken Sopes +$4Beef Sopes +$4Veggie Sopes +$4Cripsy Chicken Taco +$4Crispy Beef Taco +$4Soft Chicken Taco +$4Soft Steak Taco +$4Cheese Enchilada +$4Chicken Enchilada +$4Beef Enchilada +$4Chile Relleno +$4
Salsa Options (up to 2):Chip Salsa Salsa Fresca Salsa Quemada
Additional Salsa Options (up to 4):Chip Salsa +$0.50Salsa Fresca +$0.50Salsa Quemada +$0.50